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From the Principal

I extend a warm welcome back to our families from 2015 and extend a hearty welcome to the families who have newly joined the school in 2016.

We are a vibrant and expanding school community that continues to set new benchmarks in student achievement and outcomes. The growth of the school bears witness to the tremendous work of staff and students alike, and the decision to progress with innovation in curriculum as well as service delivery is truly bearing rewards for our school as a whole.

This year sees the school commencing with an enrolment of 70 students, which is tremendous, but with this comes a number of challenges the school is addressing as we look into the future and what that might look like for us. To accommodate this increase the staffroom has been converted into an upper school classroom. However, as a result, we have now reached absolute capacity in terms of available space to teach in. With a further increase in enrolment expected for 2017, this poses an obvious challenge and so we have commenced exploring a number of possible options with the department to overcome this issue. The involvement of the school community in determining a suitable solution to this issue is important and the role of the School Board will be key to this.

The School Board is a vital to the good governance of the school and has been instrumental in assisting with the course the school has taken over the past few years. It is a powerful voice for our school community and provides parents with a unique opportunity to guide the school in a very direct and potent way. This has never been truer than now as we venture into new territories with our continuing expansion and the challenges this presents. I strongly urge parents to consider working with the school in guiding our future by becoming active members of the Board. It is far from onerous as we meet usually once a term, but your involvement could be pivotal. Please contact the school to register your interest.

This year the school will be undertaking its performance review. This is a process that occurs every 3 years and closely examines how the school is performing against its business plan. Again the School Board has an important role in this as do parents, students and staff alike. Without pre-empting the result, I am comfortable with how the school has performed particularly around curriculum reform and innovation, where a number of major shifts have brought about significant changes that align what our students learn more closely to that of their mainstream peers. The introduction of specialist teaching further compliments this and I believe the results are speaking volumes for the success this has created.

Whilst it is wonderful to be able to reflect on past successes and indeed glow in their warmth, the business of maintaining and improving upon that success is the goal for the remainder of the year. In casting my eyes to the remainder of the year I am confident that as a community we will continue to build upon the remarkable achievements thus far gained and develop stronger models of success to guide us into 2017.

Steve Hordacre







At Kalamunda Secondary Education Support every student in our community is known and valued for their individuality. Working together we create a safe, supportive and positive learning environment, where relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Parents are our partners, together we share the responsibility for student learning.


At Kalamunda Secondary Education Support is located on the same site as the high school. A strong relationship based on share understandings exists between the high school and Kalamunda Secondary Education Support.

Together we celebrate student achievements.

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